1. Paul Alf Hayes said:

    Great work Mark, saw your article in the age and I’m sorry to here of Kerry passing away she was a fantastic woman I have very fond memories of our time in Delbridge st. Where has the time gone? I’m still trying to make art work but I don’t seem to get anywhere with it, I have kept an eye on your career from a distance and personally I think you have done fantastic work over the years`, you talked about outsiders in that article I’ve been that way for a lomg time. Anyway since I got the sack from my last teaching job I’ve been able to reflect on how things have panned out in my life and I think I should have kept up the friendship with you, it was the doing of my first wife that stopped the contact anyway wife no2 is a lot better than no1.We can keep in contact via the virtual world. once again I’m truly sorry for lose! With kind regards Paul

  2. Andrew Plymin said:

    Hey, you’re probably the most famous person at Coombi! Really love the Forbo contours which I have seen. Very difficult stuff to cut. Think you should leave your working lines on the stone as in the photos they look really interesting.

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