I am a sculptor. I have recently given up my ‘day job’ so as to concentrate on making art and sculpture. For 30 years or so I have taught in art schools. The last of which was the Victorian College of the Arts where I taught in both the Ceramics Department and the Sculpture Department.

For the last decade I have concentrated on constructing works primarily in the public domain. Now, I am working hard to re-establish my studio work and once again be an exhibiting artist.

I am currently working with a number of materials and investigating some ideas regarding landforms, the materials of ‘land’ ( earth,soil,rock,etc). I am researching similarities in landscapes from the minute to the massive and across all materials whether it be rock, water, sand, cloud or snow. Topographical survey maps, geological thermal mapping, google maps, marine charts are all integral to this enquiry. My first year Geology text book, (from ANU a long time ago), The Principles of Physical Geology by Arthur Holmes is a primary resource.

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