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Artists statement

From Where We Once Were

I see and think of ‘the flow’; the flow of land and water, the form of things. I love to contemplate these things.

Mirei Shigemori is an inspiration and his design philosophy of the Japanese garden is a strong influence in this notion of flow.

The bricks are recycled from Takamasa Kuniyasu’s  installation from the Australian Sculpture Triennial at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1990.

I love a brick and in quietly stacking and placing the bricks I find a calm space. I have got to know and recognise certain bricks, their colour, their curve. The minute differences in length depending on their colour.

Concentric form, corbelling, stacking, structure, gravity, interlocking, interdependence.

Onyx – translucent, light and seductive.

Marble – pure and soft.

Granite – immutable and tough.

Bricks – hand made, hand laid.