Monthly Archives: July 2018


Here is a brief artists statement for the exhibition.
With these works Stoner refers to the material of rock and stone as a storyteller of history, location and time. The stone is simultaneously prehistoric and of the moment.
There are multiple stories present: a geomorphology comprising its age, its mineral composition, its formation; and then, its physical location, its quarrying, transport, cutting, commodification, resale, transport, carving, transport and now exhibiting.
Stoner illustrates his preoccupation with the detail of the colour, the layering and texture, and of the contrast between, ‘as found’ and the highly worked and polished surface that reveals the internal richness. The deliberate holes, cutting and chipping illustrate this by delving into the interior of the stone.
Finally as a viewer we can now look at these stones and experience an imagined intervention and an actual intervention  where the transformation of the stone takes us deeper into the material and yet further away from its reality.